ONSTON Business Model

ONSTON Marketplace Fees

NFT Marketplace fees is 5% of every transaction taking place in ONSTON NFT Marketplace. Users and partners can form NFT freely at any time. Royalty can be set up to 10%. And the profit will be created every time the NFT which I created is sold as secondary work in the ONSTON NFT Marketplace.

ONSTON Shop Fees

When materials are purchased for building or item at shops in any ONSTON area, shop fees incurs % of every transaction. And the certain % of fees incur in addition to the fees which go to guild if the shop is operated by the guild.

Company advertisement fees

For advertisement placed in each area of ONSTON or advertising boards such as VR, landmark which ONSTON produces, or braded contents at a companyโ€™s request, etc., companies pay fees for advertisement. And all of the advertisement becomes the profit source for ONSTON.

LAND Auction fees and transaction fees

There are special LANDs which can be purchased via auction in addition to LAND provided to individual users and guilds as basic property. And auction fees and fees incurring if the LAND is traded via separate trade process in the future will be the profit source of ONSTON.