The Metaverse station of Metaverses

Our Vision

Be Station of Different Metaverse

ONSTON is a decentralized multi-metaverse and aims to be a gateway where freely crosses all metaverses. ONSTON is both a link and a hub to either integrate or expand all members of metaverse communities. ONSTON team is going to establish a multi-metaverse in order to integrate various metaverses.
The ONSTON serves as a Station in the world wide other metaverses where different metaverse users playing and trade their crypto assets.

Intergrated Marketplace

Based on multi-metaverse, ONSTON is a virtual world where users in 3D avatar with varied NFT objects can enjoy multifarious games and do economic activities. ONSTON will have multiple metaverses interconnected each other so the users can enjoy various contents. NFT Object used in various different metaverses can be transformed for value exchange and use in the ONSTON Marketplace via ONSTON Creator Tool. The integrated NFT objects have new values, providing users with higher value and higher ideals. Through this, users can own the items in real sense.
  • We will support all Metaverse NFT transactions.

We called it "Multi-Metaverse"

We build a novel concept of metaverse targeting to make ONSTON Token, the key currency of ONSTON, to be used in multi-metaverse ecosystem.
ONSTON multi-metaverse is fair and equal to all. The goal of ONSTON is to create dispersed metaverse where everyone is happy.
ONSTON Metaverse does not simply provides environment but also create environment where users can perform P2E activities so to motivate usersโ€™ activities
  • Metaverse Alliance will build an integrated guild of Metaverse.
  • We will create a platform that can introduce various Metaverses.
  • We will build a new Metaverse world by connecting all the decentralized Metaverses.