The ONSTON Multi-Metaverse Project is a space where all metaverses can freely enter and exit, and is the space where you can meet new global users the most.
In the ONSTON metaverse, the economic activity system allows users to participate in economic activities together, rather than a structure that generates revenue only for creators and producers. By making economic activities possible for more diverse people, ONSTON's users can be diversified.
The SNS space in the metaverse enables influencers to sell their videos or photos as NFTs and sell them, and make NFT sales or VR fan meetings through fan subscription (free or ONSTON). (Internet Broadcasting) , Instagram, TikTok, etc.)

Easy making NFT

The ONSTON SNS application is linked in real-time with the ONSTON metaverse, and it helps to make NFT easily by going through a simple process after shooting through the NFT camera function on ONSTON SNS.
The camera function of ONSTON SNS is equipped with VR photo or video shooting function.
NFT works created on ONSTON SNS can be traded on ONSTON Metaverse Marketplace.