Multi NFT Marketplace

NFT Creator & Marketplace

Currently many Metaverse Platforms provide very high degree of creative freedom to users through NFT production system with high degree of freedom.
And now Metaverse is set as undeniably global trend and many developers and artists visioning their own Metaverse and NFT are rushing to Metaverse world. It is expected that more and more Metaverse platforms will be created, and developers and artists will come along. And ONSTON can play a role of one massive station where NFT on such various metaverses are traded.
Most of NFT production systems provided on metaverse platform guarantee users the NFT, although the ownership is recognized only in that metaverse ecosystem. ONSTON NFT Creator is not. For NFTs, values are not exchangeable and contained on the existing, different Metaverses, and the system in ONSTON Metaverse can offset the drawbacks and keep values of NFTs to some extent regardless of Metaverse.
NFT Object used in various metaverse can be transformed into a new NFT or combined with other NFT object via ONSTON Creator Tool, and the transformed or combined NFT can be usable in ONSTON Metaverse or other metaverses. The ONSTON NFT Marketplace trade the transformed NFT.
Transforming NFT or using NFT Creator would require certain cost. At that time, considering it Multi- Metaverse ecosystem, payment can be made with the key currency ONSTON, and fees can be paid with other virtual assets.
ONSTON Metaverse will invent a way to integrate diverse users who want to fulfill own creative desires via NFT, and the existing metaverses and upcoming metaverses.
It is a technology to combine and transform various NFTs to create a new NFT.
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