Welcome to ONSTON Metaverse.

ONSTON is a decentralized Multi-metaverse.
ONSTON is a link that integrates or expands all members of the metaverse community. ONSTON team will build a multi-metaverse to integrate various metaverse.
ONSTON team will build game, economy, culture, and communication platform in ONSTON metaverse using technologies of ONSTON team's VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) production know-how, facial recognition technology, and VR game to provide users more advanced experience
In addition, instead of staying in one metaverse world, it is linked with several metaverses. You will be able to enjoy a variety of content.
A myriad of NFT LANDs over ONSTON Metaverse, NFTs which users are making, and materials required for production, all are deeply and sophisticatedly interconnected with ONSTON Metaverse economic activities, and just like in reality, users engaged in the activities can receive rewards which can generate profits.
ONSTON Metaverse is not a place where assets are merely consumed but it also offers luxurious environment where you can acquire assets through the Metaverse activities.

ONSTON Universe

ONSTON Multi-metaverse platform is a portal to interlink multi-dimensional universes and a space station for many galaxies.
In the ONSTON universe, diverse metaverses exist and each metaverse has own unique features.
ONSTON Multi-metaverse platform is a center for those metaverses serving as a linking portal and space station for them.
Space travelers can take a rest at ONSTON, a city where diverse economic, social and cultural activities are enjoyed with full of freedom.
At the center of ONSTON metaverse is located a highly developed hub-city surrounded by 6 planets called AREA where are waiting to be pioneered.
ONSTON is a portal where you can travel any metaverse as you wish. In the ONSTON Metaverse, citizens and space travelers can play games and enjoy varied experiences in sports, arts and culture and others, and then at the next minute, they can take a short trip to other metaverses. In ONSTON multi-metaverse where experiences in all metaverses are organically interlinked, you can make advanced experience.
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